Aquayak Scout Kayak




Now there’s even more choice with our all new SCOUT - the midrange capacity PLUS kayak!

Like all Aquayak kayaks, the Scout has a distinctive sleek keel for speed and manoeuvrability, and will paddle and track effortlessly. Unlike other 3 metre kayaks it has a very large cockpit that will accommodate a paddler of up to 150kg, but is still amazingly light, weighing in at only 19kg. This means the Scout kayak is very transportable, being easily loaded and unloaded by one person.

With its massive carrying capacity and large rear tub it is also ideal for an average size adult and a small child, furry friend, or even the esky. Easily converted into a fantastic midsized fishing kayak with an optional factory fitted fish kit, make the Scout kayak the most versatile kayak on the market.

Images are example of colour not model.

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