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RS Aero The RS Aero completely re-sets the standard for pure exhilaration in a simple single-hander. Ultra-light weight means the hull form and rigs need not be extreme, so the RS Aero is remarkably easy to handle.
And light weight makes the RS Aero exceptionally user-friendly on shore: Virtually anyone can lift the boat onto a car roof-rack – pulling it up the beach makes you smile – and simplicity means the boat can be rigged in moments.

High tech materials are used in the composite epoxy foam sandwich hull, with carbon fibre in high load areas and in the spars. Astonishingly, the RS Aero hull weighs less than an Optimist at just 30kg.

Our philosophy has always been to prioritise ultra-light weight, performance and practicality in order to produce a simple, yet refined and durable single-hander that will suit any sailor between 35 and 95kg.

Astonishingly, the RS Aero hull weighs less than an Optimist at just 30kg, with three rig options which will typically suit:

Lightweight sailors and youth - RS Aero 5
Women & Men to 95kg - RS Aero 7
95kg plus - RS Aero 9

The RS Aero ignites the excitement of sailing in its least complicated form – complex thinking leading to beautiful simplicity. It is affordable and, with RS Sailing’s global distribution network its huge potential is already happening. Hundreds of boats have been ordered across the world, production is underway and every week more sailors discover the RS Aero is the most fun they will have with a wetsuit on.

RS aero 5, 7 or 9
RS aero complete with trolley, overdeck kit and top cover with your choice of rig
$13,395 for 7 or 5

$13,595 for 9 Rig

The Life Aquatic now has exceptional Fleet-builder deals on the RS Aero with an awesome price and exceptional terms.

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 video from the 2017 Nationals at Black Rock.

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