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Rhino have mysteriously discontinued this product and it is no longer available.

However, please keep an eye on this space and our Facebook page as we know of a new product being released shortly that will provide an even better solution.

it will be perfect for those of you with big, heavy Kayaks, such as the Islands, or who want a high lift - like to 4WD's.

We can't say more right now as the product is just at the end of the development cycle, but we know the manufacturer well and know they won't put anything that isn't totally awesome into the market.

Please email "T Loader" to office@thelifeaquatic.com.au to stay in the loop on development of this exciting new product.


Rhino-Rack's new T-Load is the perfect solution for loading and securing kayaks onto your roof rack.

Adaptable to fit either a Rhino Aero Bar (included) or a Heavy Duty Bar (sold separately) you have the option to choose from Rhino's massive range of cross bar accessories. All you need to load your kayak on your vehicle's roof.

The Rhino-Rack T-Load Kayak Sling Kit (RTLK) is the perfect recommended T-Load companion if you are transporting a kayak. A fitting kit is provided to attach your Rhino-Rack crossbars directly to the top of the T-Load and because were top blokes we've also thrown in a non-slip mat to stop slippage when loading a kayak.

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