Hobie T1



Available for pre-order


Designed and built in France, the T1 is a brilliant balance between performance and robustness. The Hulls are solid polyethylene but designed along the lines of fast, formula cats.

The brightly coloured, fully battened Dacron loose-footed mainsail (“Catalina”) with reef points and the smaller sail set (“Mistral”) available for lighter crews, complete the equipment.

Everything on board is meant for ergonomics and security;

  • - molded-in rear and front handles for easy transportation
  • - crossbar attachments with round-head nuts for a  smooth surface
  • - 100% waterproof crossbar and gudgeons inserts for easy assembly
  • - anti-skid surface molded in the hulls on the deck and between the crossbars and the mast float.

What the Life Aquatic Crew think: This could well be the perfect recreational Cat. Powerful enough to trapeze, but flexible enough to sail without Jib and even reeefed main. What is super important, is that the traditional Hobie Cat simplicity has been preserved. Ticks a lot of boxes.

  • Specifications *
  • Crew: 2-3
  • Length: 4.04 m
  • Beam: 2.13 m
  • Capacity: 210 kg
  • Weight: 120 kg
  • Mast Length: 6.35 m
  • Mainsail Area: 9 m² / 7.20 m² (small - option)
  • Jib Sail Area: 2.25 m²
  • Spinnaker Sail Area (Optional): 10.31 m²
  • Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene
  • EC Homologation: 2C / 3D

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