H Rail Mini Bin



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These are pretty cool!

The H-Rail Mini Bin is Hobie’s newest must-have accessory for kayak anglers!

It’s slim and rugged design features a built-in 106.68cm (42 inch) retractable gear tether, a tool holder for pliers or fish grips, four clip points for leashing down gear and raised drain channels in the floor so your gear won’t ever sit in water.

Four mounting locations for its integrated H-Rail clamp allows for a variety of orientations, giving you the flexibility to mount the bin just about anywhere you’ve got an open section of H-Rail.

Perfect for holding the tools you need close to hand including your VHF radio, mobile phone, packs of soft plastics or a digital camera for those fishing CPR tournaments.
Overall Dimensions :
Metric: 22.86 cm L x 7.62 cm W x 10.16 cm T

Bin Dimensions:
12.7 cm L x 7.62 cm W x 10.16 cm T


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