Floater Acetate Polarised Gloss Carbon Fibre Amber Lens

Barz Sungalsses



The Floater model fitted with 1.1mm Acetate Lenses have a density of 0.95 GM/ML while fresh water the density is 1.00 GM/ML and salt water ranges between 1.03 and 1.05 GM/ML, hence these sunglasses float in even the most turbulent water.

The Barz dual moulded Floater frame is available in five unique colours plus many lens options to choose from.  Acetate Polarised, Acetate Polarized Photochromic, Non Polarized, Polycarbonate Polarised, Polycarbonate Polarised Bi-Focal, Polycarbonate Polarised Photochromic, Polycarbonate (Melanin infused), Prescription...

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