Ex Display Hobie Outfitter Tandem- Papaya Orange 2018 Model


$3,890.00 $4,590.00


This baby HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!

It's a brand spanking new Outfitter - only ever been on display. But now superseded by the Compass Duo and that's all we are selling right now. So this poor Outfitter sits on the shelf, watching all the pretty new Compass' walking out the door.

 So if you're happy with last years model, and let's face it we can't all be fussy... then this one is a beaut. Still an excellent tandem fishing kayak this Outfitter has the new ARC Drives as well as vantage seat etc. Stable, roomy... lovable.

Plus - to sweeten the deal even more; there's a 15% discount of anything in store - Sounders, Rod Holders, Wheels - even clothing!

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