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A mesh storage bag that you can attach onto your Hobie Mirage Eclipse's steering handle
• Attaches to the Eclipse handle bar using 3 velcro straps
• Water resistant, but not totally waterproof 
• Features a key tether with a YKK snap swivel for more security 
• Features an interior pouch for securing small items 
• Clear visibility window at the top allows you to see your items
• Drainage hole allows water to flow out through the bottom
• Measures 8" x 8" x 3" in size

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse Accessory Bag is a carrying bag for your Hobie Eclipse's steering handle. The bag allows you to carry small items such as keys, cameras, cans, sunglasses and sunscreen. It attaches to your Hobie Eclipse's steering handle using velcro straps. It features a transparent top window so you can see your items. The drainage hole at the bottom allows water to come out easily. 

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