SUP - Items tagged as "Eclipse"

We love living the Life Aquatic on Pittwater - and what better way than a SUP!

We specialise in recreational SUP's that are perfect from your car, waterfront or boat!

From Hobie we have the brilliant Inflatables range including the ever popular 10-6 Adventure and the Coaster 10.

If it's a hard board you want - then look no further than the brilliant Heritage - with paddle and leash still the best value brand name hard board around!

and if you're looking for tough - then the 10-6 Dura-Cruz is a light weight, tough as nails board that will withstand the harshest environment... yep, teenagers!

We are big fans of Homegrown product, and the crew at Wavechaser get our vote. Our top picks are the EvaGlide 300 and 350. The perfect hardboard for your boat - it's soft covering over glass means it's tough and won't damage your cruisers topsides.

Plus, check out the epic foiling kit from Wavechaser - these guys are leading the charge.

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