Sailing Race Boats (RS Sailing) - Items tagged as "Aero"

We are really stoked to be part of the Australian Team representing the Racing Sailboats (RS) brand.

RS Sailing are the worlds largest sailing Dinghy Manufacturer.  Since 1957 they have pioneered dinghy sailing around the world and today manufacture 20 different classes. You'll find an RS boat pretty much everywhere there is a body of water and a little wind.

RS Sailing is a partner in the ISAF Connect to Sailing programme which seeks to revitalise grass roots participation in all categories of sailing outside elite activity and put sailing firmly back into a growth sport with a focus on youth.

At The Life Aquatic we love to race, but we also know that not everyone does - so we sell boats that suit hard core racers, families, kids and individuals who just want to get out on the water for fun!

Currently we are focussed on the RS Aero, RS Feva, RS Quest and the new RS Zest. But stock boats and parts for the whole RS Range.

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