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However you're living The Life Aquatic - sailing, fishing, paddling or surfing - then you need Hobie's brilliant Polarized Sunglasses.

Hobie Polarized sunglasses protect eyes by filtering out dangerous glare and transmit only the light you need to see clearly. Hobie Polarized lenses are specifically designed to increased visual clarity while reducing eyestrain and will stay in place, even for the most passionate sports enthusiast. Plus, they feature HydroClean™ Plus lenses that are specifically designed to shed water and resist dust and grime.


Hobie polarized lenses provide maximum protection by blocking harmful sun rays to protect your vision. The lenses meet or exceed ANSI Z80.3 standards for refractive power, light transmission and impact resistance.

Athletes and water enthusiasts across the globe rely on Hobie Polarized sunglasses to provide a competitive edge with lenses that block horizontal waves, reduce glare and transmit only useful light for maximum performance. Time after time and style after style, Hobie Polarized sunglasses deliver clearer, sharper and more precise vision for work and play.

 Here's a PDF Brochure of the Whole Range if the Style you want isn't listed on the Website please contact 02 9979 1590 and we can order it in. Delivery around Five Working Days.

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