Hobie® Mirage Islands

Free Delivery in and around Sydney and the Central Coast.

We won't be beaten on price, service or knowledge.

The Hobie Tandem Island and Adventure Island are some of the most unique boats in the Hobie range.

They allow freedom to travel and explore using the wind or pedal power.

No other boat is so accessible, easy to manage and easy to rig. If you're not a sailor don't worry - you soon will be!

10 minutes and you're on the water and away.

There are rapidly growing numbers of anglers, sailors and explorers all using these boats to go further afield and have fun on the water.

The Life Aquatic team are specialists in the Islands, we own them and we sail them!

With our sailing background we can help you get the best out your Island, teach you some neat tricks, and get you set up with the right stuff to begin your adventure.

This really is #livingthelifeaquatic

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