RS Aero's are the future

RS Aero's are the future

The Life Aquatic are now selling the fantastic RS Aero.

After debuting just two years ago they have already sold now more than 1100 boats! Around the world and is a recognised ISAF Class.

At just over 30kgs rigged, it's about the same weight as an Optimist and nearly half a Laser!

As you can imagine, such a sprightly boat is an absolute dream to sail.

There are three Rig sizes to suit all weights and skill:

Lightweight sailors and youth - RS Aero 5
Women & light men - RS Aero 7
Men - RS Aero 9

The Aero is the perfect graduation from the O'pen BIC or a replacement for the tired OD Single Hand Classes.

We are doing amazing Fleet Starter deal on purchases of three or more boats.

If you want a test sail, give us a call or flick over an email. Lets get you sailing on the future of OD Single handed sailing.

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