Tiwal Demo Day - dec 6th

Tiwal Demo Day - dec 6th

We are bringing both the Tiwal 3 and Tiwal 2 to Balmoral on December 6th for a Demo Day.It'll be at Balmoral, right up near the Sailing Club.

These little French inflatable Sailing boats have been a great hit for us this past year.

They are the perfect recreational sailing boat - they are sprightly, stable, comfortable and easy to manage.

The Tiwal 3 is perfect if you are short spaced at home but still want a sailing boat - at a pinch you can get one in the back of a Fiat 500! it is a crisp performer that is really rewarding on the water.

We are finding also, a bunch of Super Yacht owners are getting these as a popular addition to the Toy Shed.

The Tiwal 2 is finding popularity with boat owners as you can easily put it together on the back deck of a 40odd footer and they store really easily. perfect for families afloat.

Come down and have a sail for yourself.

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