Sydney Kayak Fish Fest - November 19th, Clontarf.

Sydney Kayak Fish Fest - November 19th, Clontarf.
Hey Guys - we are hosting a bit of a get-together at Clontarf this Sunday.
It's a fun-day out for all levels. Not at all serious but the guys from Pro Lure Australia are helping us out with some prizes. We are inviting all comers, fishing for all species!
This is not a formal event, it's a get together for all Kayakers - big, small - whether you fish seriously or casually.
To sustain our Harbour's fish stocks, we are encouraging catch and release and any "judging" will be based on photos' on the supplied Brag Mats.
Points will be awarded for each CM of fish you catch - 35cm bream = 35 points. Best three fish of the day for each category is to be submitted to the page, sent via message or physically shown to one of the TLA Crew by the end of the submission time. Photos are to be taken on a brag mat/ruler with your entry card in full view!
Launch time 7:30am – Return time 1.45pm
Photos to be submitted by 2.00pm for the BBQ Presentation at 2.30pm.
As this is a social event, there is no entry fee!
Sausage sizzle upon arrival from days fishing provided!
We have been lucky enough to receive some great support from the wonderful people at ProLure Australia, throwing their hands up to provide prize packs and some awesome goodies for the day! We also have some great prizes from in-store including vouchers, Hobie product and who knows what else, we are going to keep that a secret!
Hope to see as many of you as possible on the day, Tight lines!

Registration - call 02 9979 1590 or email: 

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